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About Director of Internal Policy

Hey folks! I am Noe Merfeld, your ASUW Director of Internal Policy for the 2015-2016 academic year! I'm excited for the upcoming year and love working with fellow students! Please email me at if you have any questions.

Judicial Committee Update and Records Interns

Hello Everyone,

Judicial Committee has had an exciting past few weeks, working to increase our transparency and accessibility. Here are a few things we have done:

1) Created a website-

At the moment, the website is under construction, but some notable features to look out for are a template for submitting judicial requests, all the governing documents (EPP, Constitution, and Bylaws) with hyperlinks if you want to jump to specific section, and an archive of past Judicial recommendations and judgments.

2) Obtained an email address specifically for the Judicial Committee.

If you would like to request a judgement or a review, you will now need to send your request through Although seemingly small, I believe this change will be a tremendous step towards distinguishing the Judicial Committee from Board a little further (since all previous requests had to go through a member of the Board’s email), as well as ease the transition between the Director of Policy and Procedures as the Chair of the committee, and the Secretary of Judgments as the Chair of the committee during ASUW elections season.

3) Created a mission statement.

We felt that a mission statement would be the best way to demonstrate the function we serve to the rest of ASUW, and would clarify our responsibilities.

“To provide the Board of Directors, Student Senate, and all ASUW members with impartial advice and interpretation on internal governing documents and issues relevant to the governance of the ASUW”.

I am also excited to announce that I have selected two interns to assist me in the Wiki-revamp project, Kyle Libra and Sarah Lee. Expect to see a brand new format for the wiki in the upcoming months, which will have up-to-date information, as well a more expansive portrayal of the functions and structure of the ASUW.

Until next time,


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A Guide to the 2013 ASUW Elections Policies and Procedures (Alternative Title: OMG EPP)

Hello Everyone,

It is with great excitement that I announce that the 2013 ASUW Elections Policies and Procedures was passed last night by the Board of Directors with a unanimous vote (which you can find in its official form at! I am going to briefly outline some of the changes you can look forward to:

A few of the major content changes:

  • No food giveaways.
    The language: “No ticket, candidate, ballot measure, volunteer, or affiliate may distribute food or drink in coordination with a campaign for campaigning.”
    What this means: For the entire month of campaigning, as well as the three days of voting, candidates, and any individuals associated with ASUW campaigns, will no longer be able to give out cotton candy, soda, etc. The “affiliate” language also strives to address the potential of the creation of a “Super PAC” as a way around this restriction. However, the “for campaigning” language was added to make it clear that candidates would not be penalized if they engaged in an activity such as buying a bag of chips for a volunteer, where there was no clear intent to solicit votes.
  • The first day of campaigning will begin at 12:01 a.m.
    The language: “Campaigning will not begin before 12:01 a.m. Friday, April 12, 2013.
    What this means: In contrast with previous elections, where campaigning began at 6:00 a.m, campaigning will now be allowed to begin the minute Friday arrives. This change was made in an effort to increase internal consistency of the EPP, as every other time specified was at either 12:00, or 5:00.
  • There are two new titles, and one title has been removed.
    The language
    : there is now a “Definitions” title, as well as a “Special Elections” title. The title “Required Enclosures” was moved into the “Miscellaneous” title.
    What this means: For the “Definitions” title, this means that there will be increased clarity for some potentially ambiguous terms, such as “affiliate” or “independent.” For the “Special Elections” title, there is now an outlined procedure for how a Special Election would be run. Special Elections are extremely rare, however, the Board felt the rarity made it even more vital that the process be conducted with transparency and objectivity. The reassignment of the “Required Enclosures” title was an organizational change only, and will have no impact on how the content of that section is interpreted.

A few technical changes:

  • More inclusive language (gender-neutral pronouns!)
  • Page numbers
  • Updated the dates to reflect the 2013 calendar
  • Complete rearrangement of titles
  • Rearrangement of many sections within titles
  • New font


Lauren (the Judicial Committee Secretary of Recommendations), Maxine (Elections Administration Committee Chair), and myself with the 2013 EPP

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Elections Policies and Procedures + Board Restructure

Hello Everyone!

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind, as I have been working diligently alongside the ASUW Judicial Committee to put forward a revised Elections Policies and Procedures (EPP) to the Board of Directors. This process occurs every year, as ASUW works to improve the elections process and the atmosphere surrounding elections for both the students on campus, as well as the candidates themselves. One of the more notable changes that has been proposed is an all-out ban on food giveaways by candidates, tickets, and ballot measures. This could be somewhat controversial, as it was proposed to the Board last year, and was subsequently voted down by a very narrow margin. I highly encourage you to attend the ASUW Board of Directors meeting at 4:30pm in HUB 303 if you have an opinion on this matter, as the EPP Judicial Committee puts forth is only a recommendation, and this is your opportunity to have your voice heard.

Two members of the Judicial Committee, myself, and the proposed EPP

In other news, the Board Restructure Taskforce, which I was nominated to chair, proposed three different restructure models to the Board and Senate this past week. The model the majority of the Board wanted to have investigated further by both the Personnel Committee, as well as the Finance and Budget Committee, is a model which would move the position of Director of Communications to a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Board, and would add a new, externally-focused position that would have duties surrounding community service endeavors, partnerships with external organizations, alumni relations, and athletics.

Of course, this would be a significant change, so I highly encourage you to educate yourself on the proposed models through this Prezi:, and feel free to email me ( with any questions or concerns that arise.

Until next time,


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We’re Baaack

Hello Everyone, I hope the beginning of Winter quarter has gone well for you all. I’m particularly excited for this quarter, because gives me an opportunity to start on some of the long-term goals I set for myself when I was first elected as Director of Policy and Procedures.

Here are some of the projects you can expect to see me working on over this quarter:

1) Entity-Specific Bylaws- I will be sitting down with each entity throughout this quarter to draft bylaws that detail their mission and basic responsibilities. This will not only provide a basic source of information for the Board of Directors when making future decisions that pertain to each entity, but will also serve as a source of institutional knowledge for future entity directors, as they will be able to get a sense of how their predecessors ran their entities as well as their vision for the entity.

2) Create procedures around Special Elections- currently there is no component of the Elections Policies and Procedures document that details what would happen in the event of a Special Election in case of a recall election or early constitutional amendment. I would like to make sure we have this process clearly outlined in case of this extraordinary and unusual event.

3) Update of the and pages. At the moment these sites are overwhelming and outdated. My goal for the next quarter is to work with ASUW Tech to update and declutter these pages so they are easier to find and become a better resource for interested parties.

I’m looking forward to tackling these projects! Feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or concerns.

Until next time,


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Board Restructure Taskforce

Throughout the past few weeks, I have been doing an audit of the Board of Directors, meeting with each member to discuss how their bylaws could be updated to better reflect their responsibilities and the current operation of the Association. During this process, I came to feel that now is an excellent opportunity to really take a good look at the Board, reevaluate how the positions function, and see if we could find ways to serve students more effectively.

The more I talked with students who are passionate about ASUW and knowledgeable of its inner workings, as well as the Board members themselves, about the possibility of restructure, the more I got a sense of enthusiasm for discussing this further. Many Board members and volunteers have come to me with their visions for improving the effectiveness of the Association, and I brought it to the Board this Thursday to see how we could move forward with this energy.

As a Board, we decided the best way to begin exploring this was to form a taskforce to discuss Board Restructure, and I worked with Desiree to pass a Board Bill that officially moved this project forward. The taskforce will have its first meeting after Thanksgiving break, where we will begin discussing other schools’ student government models and looking into models that would make our Board more effective in serving students.

If you have any suggestions on restructure, or would like to know more about the discussions that occur in the taskforce, I encourage you to e-mail me at


Until next time,


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Bylaws Updates

I have been working on slowly but surely getting the Bylaws up-to-date to match the current operation of the ASUW. This typically involves reading through the Bylaws, finding specific clauses that are frequently ignored, or are unknown, and bringing them to the Board to decide how we want to proceed. Sometimes, it is decided that now that we are aware that we are violating a bylaw, we will change our behavior so we will be in compliance with it. Other times, we look at the bylaw, and realize that it is no longer reasonable.

One recent example of such a case, was the Board discussion involving Board members frequently proxying for each other, and how this in fact was violating our bylaw, stating that only the President could have proxies. After a lengthy discussion, it was decided that we would like to see this updated to reflect how the Board really operates, and as Director of Policy and Procedures, as well as the one that initiated this conversation, I was charged with drafting a Board Bill to change our bylaws.

All Board Bills regarding bylaws are numbered 1.##, and it is generally expected that your Board Bill will give at least two reasons explaining the rationale for the change. In the case of the proxy bylaw, the primary arguments were that not being able to have a proxy places deprives the Board of the opportunity to have the full ability to express its opinion at meetings, and that an inability to meet quorum can place an undue burden on committee chairs. So far, we have had six bylaws changes, including the proxy bill (1.05), and you can find all the Board Bills at


Until next time,


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Judicial Committee

These past few weeks have been very busy, as I worked to prepare for the first Judicial Committee meeting, as well as worked to get some of the initial framework for the Elections Policies and Procedures revisions set up, so the Judicial Committee can hit the ground running. The first step I took for this framework was facilitating a conversation with the Board about their opinions on several aspects of elections, including giveaways, candidate-run polling stations, and violations (you can find the entire transcript of this discussion at This discussion will be extremely useful, because in the end, all EPP reforms will have to be passed by the Board, and the Judicial Committee and the Board will have to be on the same page.

I also sent out an elections survey with the all-campus e-mail to gauge where some student opinion lies surrounding the current structure of ASUW elections. So far, there has been 273 responses to this survey, and the Elections Administration Committee (EAC) Chair and myself are very excited about the opportunity these results will provide for us to create elections policies that are not only better for the ASUW, but also for the student body as a whole.

The first Judicial Committee meeting also went very well. This meeting was an orientation, and served as an excellent opportunity for the Committee members and myself to get to know each other, as well as an excellent opportunity for me to present the Board’s election discussion to the Committee. I am working hard to make sure that this years’ EPP is more collaborative than ever, and brings in the perspectives of many student voices, and so far, the response has been very encouraging! If you want to bring your voice to the Judicial Committee, our meetings be taking place year-long on Mondays from 6pm-8pm in HUB 303.

Until next time,


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Gearing up for Judicial

This past week has been very busy as I begin to prepare for the first Judicial Committee meeting. The first (and most important) step in this process is to appoint a full committee. Judicial Committee is unique in its composition, as members are appointed for two-year terms. Therefore, the Committee has already been partially filled, as Rachel Murata and Mercedes Luna will be returning to fulfill the second half of their terms. The Committee still needs three more members before it is complete, however.

One of the seats will be hopefully be appointed at next Tuesday’s Senate meeting, as nominations for Judicial Committee will be made at tonight’s meeting. The other two slots will be appointed through the open selection process on the Office of Volunteer Opportunities site ( The application will be up until Friday, October 12th.

I am also preparing for the first meeting of Judicial Committee by creating a timeline for the upcoming year. Judicial Committee has very time-sensitive tasks that have strict deadlines (according to our Bylaws!), and the best way we can be a productive and valuable committee is by being prepared and fully aware of all of our responsibilities.


Until next time,


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A New Year of ASUW

It’s been so exciting these past few weeks, watching all the new ASUW employees start their jobs, and beginning planning for the year with my fellow Board members. Due to of all this transitioning and new energy, it is also an excellent opportunity for me to make sure everyone is on the page, and that we start this year out stronger than ever.

This week, I worked with Desiree (Vice President), and Riley (Finance and Budget Director) to rework the Quarterly Reports that all the entity directors are responsible for completing at the end of each quarter. We all agreed that it is important that Quarterly Reports be a resource for future directors to know what was done with their entity in past years, as well as a way to get a better understanding of how our entities are doing, and how they are working to meet their goals and the overall vision of the Association. We also added an entirely new feature to these reports- a self-reported budget sheet so entities can have more ownership of their own budgets, and the Finance and Budget Committee can get a better sense of how and where budgets are being spent.

I also worked with the Tech department to update our records page ( so we can continue to be a transparent association. You can now find all Board Minutes, Reports, and Bills under the 1213 (2012-2013) folders on this page.

My final project for the week was facilitating the creation of the all-new! This project has intrigued me since I got elected, and I am looking forward to being a more transparent and accessible Board so you can understand what we are up to and be assured that we are always working for YOU, even if it is occasionally behind the scenes.

I hope this provides a better insight into who we are, what we are doing, and how we are serving you!

Looking forward to future updates,


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