Always Doing Better

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know betterdo better ” –Maya Angelou

The above quote has been my motto for working with diversity. There is always so much to know about history and resistance movements, but also so much to know about the structures of diversity we are working within at UW. Navigating these structures has been part of getting a running start with everything, and I have slipped up a bit along the way, but the most I can do is keep getting better at everything and keep building relationships. The focus of most of these posts will be reflective, because I think that is the side of this job that I don’t get to share as much with people. I love the work I’m doing, and while it can be a struggle to balance the millions of things going on, I’m learning a lot about how diversity works at UW, and how I can best support and learn from it.





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