Hey y’all

Hey y’all,

For those that don’t know me, my name is Jack Bernatovicz and I am this years ASUW Vice President. I am a senior, originally from Vancouver, WA, and I am studying Community, Environment, and Planning.  As VP I focus on the internal operations of the Association, acting as both Chief of Staff (where I oversee the elected members of the Board of Directors) and Chief Operating Officer (where I oversee day to day operations such as employees and the budget, our enterprises and services, leadership development, and all Association volunteers). I have been involved with ASUW since my first year on campus as an ASUW Ambassador and UW Leader, and now help oversee the Association that has helped me develop in a variety of ways.

I started working back in June on a variety of projects, so here is a summary of those and what I am working on this Fall.

Summer Projects

Association Vision Statement

Following in the tradition of past ASUW Board of Directors, this summer the Board created the 2014-2015 ASUW Vision Statement. Our Vision Statement, following our mission statement, acts as the ASUW’s long term goals for the year, stating what we want to do and how we will do it. This year as the ASUW we are working to serve all students and this Vision Statement demonstrates how we will do so…

“For the 2014-2015 academic year, the Associated Students of the University of Washington strive to:

  • practice horizontal leadership and actively engage all voices
  • act as an intersection for cross campus collaboration and support, and
  • stay accountable to and advocate for our communities and constituents

in order to best serve students & better the Husky experience”

ASUW Orientation

The week before classes started all of the ASUW Employees were welcomed back to the office with ASUW Orientation. This year we the emphasized the nuts and bolts of being an ASUW Employee and building a community within the Association, and based on employee evaluations it was a success.

2014-15 Housing Plan

Last spring with the ASUW’s decision to dissolve Off-Campus Housing Affairs (OCHA), the question of “what are we going to do with OCHA?” was left for the Vice President and new Board of Directors to decide. This summer with the 2014-2015 Off-Campus Housing Affairs Plan, the ASUW has decided to continue the services of OCHA and no longer continue using the OCHA brand. The Husky Housing Handbook will be continued to be published and printed everyother year, and housing.asuw.org will continue to help connect students with local landlords.

2nd Annual PAC 12 Leadership Summit

In early August the ASUW President and I made the 6 hour trek to Pullman, WA for the 2nd Annual PAC 12 Leadership Summit. Six of the PAC 12 schools came to share about their student governments, compare campus issues, and come together around our PAC 12 Initiative to address sexual assault and violence on all of our campuses.

Fall Projects

Volunteer Recruitment

This fall the ASUW had a strong presence during Dawg Daze with a wide range of events for new and returning students, ranging from Fall Fling, to the ASUW Open House, to the Student Food CoOp’s Recipe Testing, to registering voters throughout the week. This year the ASUW hosted our first annual ASUW Open House, where we opened up the ASUW 121 suite to those that wanted to learn more about what we do and how to get involved. We also hosted four More Than a Student Government: Get to Know the ASUW sessions, giving those that wanted to get involved a chance to learn more and meet current employees.

Enterprise Advisory Committees

This summer in collaboration with the ASUW Bike Shop and Experimental College, I assessed the Experimental College Advisory Committee (ECAC) and created the Bike Shop Advisory Committee (BSAC). With the purpose of keeping the ASUW and its enterprises accountable, allowing for collaboration, and for financial and outreach planning, the advisory committees will be working on a variety of projects this year.

Leadership Development Programming

One way I am “overseeing” leadership development in the Association this year is through campus wide leadership development programming. I am currently working on two events, the Husky Leadership Retreat and Elect Her. I am collaborating with the Director of Community Relations on the ASUW’s 2nd Annual Husky Leadership Retreat, a chance for RSO and campus community leaders to connect, learn, develop, and collaborate. The event will be November 1st, at the UW Tower, and you can register at http://tinyurl.com/HLR2014. Elect Her: Campus Women Win, planned by multiple ASUW entities, promotes female participation in politics and running for office. The event will be November 15th, and you can register at http://tinyurl.com/electher2.

Husky Innovation Project

This quarter I am starting up the Husky Innovation Project, an ASUW committee focused on the creation of the ASUW Four Year Plan. The ASUW Four Year Plan will be looking into what the ASUW can to for students long term, beyond single year goals and commitments. The Husky Innovation Project (aka HIP) will be the committee helping to plan and development of the Four Year Plan. If you are interested in getting involved, the application is open till 10/22nd at http://tinyurl.com/ASUW4YRP. This is something the ASUW has yet to try and will be something new for everyone involved.

That is just a highlight of what I have been working on, so if you have any questions or want to get more involved with ASUW you can contact me at asuwvp@uw.edu.

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