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Affordable Textbooks

The ASUW has a long history of supporting initiatives for affordable and accessible textbooks, ever since our founding of the University Bookstore in 1901. As publishers have made textbooks more and more expensive for students, many of us are either paying far too much for books or deciding against buying books at all which can negatively impact our academic experience.

ASUW is starting a new partnership with WashPIRG in their campaign for more open source textbooks. These open source books lead to average cost savings of 80% for students, and can be developed to the same level of quality as other options. 

Here is a video describing it:

I’m particularly excited about an idea for an incentive pool of funds for faculty to develop these open source textbooks themselves, which would signal institutional support for the initiative and a similar level of quality as standard textbooks. ASUW will continue to work hard with WashPIRG in advocating for innovative ideas like this one in leading us to more affordable books for students.

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