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Internal Lending Program Brief

This post is a little bit of a trial for me; I’m beginning to think that there is not enough information out there about the workings of the UW in a digestible form. I wrote a brief earlier this year on the Internal Lending Program, which is the major method UW uses to pay for its large capital expenditures. Hopefully I’ll be able to release similar briefs as the year goes on.

Jeffrey McNerney
Director of University Affairs

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Never Missing A Minute!!

With a large transition of the previous Directors of Diversity Efforts, 2012-2013’s Jennifer Gibbons, and the originally-elected, Monica Mendoza, I am very excited to find a home within ASUW as the Director of Diversity Efforts!!

To clear the air, although Monica was the elected Director of Diversity Efforts during the Spring Elections, she needed to respectfully resign. I have been following up with Monica every week, making sure that I continue with the ideals and concepts of her original plan in this position. Now that she is working for Washington State, we, as ASUW, has continued our communication and missions with Monica, although she is not longer going to be working on the Board of Directors.

As an introduction, I believe it is very important for the UW campus to understand who I am and why I have been appointed by ASUW for this position. I have always been inspired to be a Husky, because not only did my mother graduate the University of Washington, but my grandmother, Allethia L. Allen, was a tenure professor at the UW School of Social Work. Since the first day attending the University, as a student, I have been active in efforts in diversity on campus, interning for the previous American Indian Student Commission Director, and sitting in her place as the ASUW Student Senate AISC Senator and Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Student Advisory Board AISC Representative.

Growing up in White Center and Burien, I have always been influenced by the communities around me, very diverse both in culture and economic classes. This had always motivated me to be involved in social justice and enthusiasm for exploring diverse cultures and identities.

Currently, I am a 4th year at UW, majoring in Law, Societies and Justice as well as Social work, with an interest in American Indian Studies.

So far, I have been assisted in creating a ASUW Student Senate Diversity Caucus, which meets usually 15 minutes before Senate session in room 201. They are creating a priority of Diversity Efforts and support within senate. Soon I will be building a Diversity Calendar, accessible for all Diversity-based Organizations and Centers on campus to interact with and outreach to students on campus. A goal for my position this year will definitely be INTERSECTIONALITY! Working with diverse groups with multiple identities on campus!

I am am very excited to currently accept students willing to intern for me, and have a catalyst open and available for those interested! The deadline for this application will be November 20th. Here is the link:

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Launching the Student Debt Reduction Working Group

This one goes out to all the policy junkies in the room – if you stop here, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving next week and hope you enjoyed your Veteran’s Day weekend.

The ASUW has a strong history of advocating for access to higher education and reduced costs for students. From negotiating reduced ticket prices to football games, to our successful lobbying efforts in preventing program fees for Business and Engineering students, to playing a key role in the recent two year tuition freeze for resident undergrads, student efforts have made a difference.

We believe that no student should have to forgo an education at the University of Washington due to an inability to pay. In past years, this principle was challenged when the state previously disinvested in higher education causing a slew of double-digit tuition increases. We should all be proud of our legislature for bucking that trend in the most recent biennium, but the impact is still felt; in 2008, the average student loan debt among borrowers was $16,481, compared to $20,316 in 2013.

The effect is often greatest among those with the greatest unmet need; some of our own research shows that a student from a middle class family would need to work 32 hours a week to pay for the full cost of education here, even if their family was able to contribute the full amount expected of them by the FAFSA. Clearly, a comprehensive financial aid program is more important than ever as we continue to advocate for affordable tuition and increased funding of higher education.

We’ve started the Student Debt Reduction Working Group to learn more about this issue. We will spend the next several months developing a clearer picture of how the recent tuition increases, and other increases in cost of education, have affected students at the University of Washington. Our goal is to find the most effective way the State of Washington and the UW could direct new and existing resources towards access and affordability for students. Once we’ve got a picture of those policies, it will be up to us and future generations of student leaders to advocate for them.

Another goal of the group will be to run a campaign for financial aid literacy. We need to be educated on what the differences are between certain types of loans, the common ways to pay them off, and generally what it will mean to take out debt. I believe this will give more students an opportunity to fill out a FAFSA on time and empower us to make solid financial decisions.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if these issues are interesting to you; we need to hear from students to be effective, and there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in these efforts moving forward.


Some sources and interesting articles:

Paying for Higher Education in the University of Washington by Income Level

(linking below because it contains current numbers on student debt)

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Mid Quarter Update (Week 4 – Week 7)


Hi Huskies!

Thank you all for coming out to the Homecoming/W Day Celebration! It was great seeing all the purple out in Red Square. We had a blast all day hosting the Top Dawg Competition, listening to Pickwick, handing out cupcakes and t-shirts. If you have any feedback on how we can improve this event, please feel free to email me. For pictures, please visit this link.

The Husky Leadership Retreat is here! We are very excited to host the first annual retreat for Registered Student Organization Leaders. This event will take place on November 23 from 12:00pm-4:00pm at the UW Botanical Gardens. For more information and how to sign up, please visit here.

We will be hosting the first Student Safety Committee this Friday, November 15. At this meeting, we will be discussing the role of the committee and what the committee wants to focus on for the 2013-2014 year.

Last week, I held a Greek Presidential Caucus with the President’s from UGC, IFC and Panhellenic. We discussed various events that will be occurring in the near future as well as different ways we can all collaborate. We had our Director of Service and Partnerships come and talk to the group about hosting a collaborative clothing drive in late November.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about ASUW, please feel free to send me an email at


Shivani Changela

ASUW Director of Community Relations

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October, it’s a Wrap

Hi All,

Hope everyone is now well situated from the hustle and bustle of school kicking off. The month of October was a busy one for programming. So let me give you an update:

My biggest event of the year was in October: Homecoming! This year Homecoming was combined with W Day (UW’s Birthday) to form a Homecoming/W Day Celebration. With the help of UW Marketing, the Alumni Association and the Office of Advancement, we gathered our efforts and expertise together to have a bigger and better weekend than every before! At the celebration in Red Square, there were events for all. There was a t-shirt, cupcake, and button giveaway; photo booth with Dubs and face painting; performance by Husky band and cheer; speeches by President Michael Young, Coach Romar, Coach Neighbors with student-athletes giving away signed basketballs; announcement of the Homecoming Royalty Court and two scholarship winners (Congratulations Tony Vo and Annah Mwendar!); concert by Pickwick; Dollar for Dawgs; and finally the Top Dawg Competition. The purpose of Homecoming is to bring together past and present Huskies and celebrate that Husky pride is eternal; which I think we achieved.

As for my entities, they have been off to a great start! Arts and Entertainment successfully put on a fantastic Fall Fling showcasing Allen Stone as our headliner! La Luz and Sam Lachow were the opening acts that certainly did not disappoint. A & E also partnered with Rainy Dawg Radio to have their first Parnassus show of the year featuring Hibou, Candysound, and the Hoot Hoots. The Student Health Consortium will be having a Pre-Health Fair this quarter so watch out for that.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, concern, send them my way and I will get back to you!

Bundle up, winter’s upon us,


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Fall Quarter Fly By

The number of days left in the quarter are disappearing at an alarming rate…  I still harbor my suspicions that there may be a machine in the ASUW Comm Office controlled by Brandon Himes that speeds up time. Nonetheless, I’m excited about what has been accomplished in the past few weeks!

The Husky Pride Fund Committee took an in depth look at the wide variety of opportunities across campus in order to determine what HPF Scholarships will go towards. We are thrilled to announce that the Fund will enable students to have the educational and cultural experience of Exploration Seminars! These study abroad experiences require no prerequisites and are open to the entire student body. The Husky Pride Fund will help students explore the world who might not otherwise be able to do so. We are now moving forward developing the application and continuing to fundraise for the endowment. Make sure to get your Husky Pride T-shirt or crewneck at the U Book Store! The Coin Collection Program will also soon return to the Husky Den in the HUB. So next time you grab a slice from Pagliacci make sure to drop your coins in the donation bin!

I have also been working with Student Senator, Addison Richards, on planning a campus wide Food & Clothing Drive for the week of November 18th – 22nd. We are teaming up with U District Food Bank and Big Brothers Big Sisters as the beneficiaries of our drive. Keep your eyes peeled for posters with information about the drive. There will be collection bins for food and clothing located at Odegaard, the HUB, and Conibear Shellhouse!

Our first ASUW Day of Service is coming up on November 23rd. We will be working with the local YMCA and Eckstein Middle School! More details to come on our project, but it most likely will involve some painting 🙂

Finally, a thank you to all the veterans who have served our country. Many students, faculty, and staff that make up the lifeblood of UW are veterans. I hope to see everybody out at the Committed to Service game with the Huskies playing against the Colorado Buffaloes!



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Universities in the Digital Age

Perhaps the most important philosophical question that colleges have to answer today is why students should be paying for a brick and mortar education when theoretically we could all watch lectures online from a single faculty.  The availability of technology has forced a consideration of what higher education really means, and the value of the current system.  The dilemma facing universities now is how to incorporate video and online strategies into the curriculum to create the most effective education system possible.

To that end, ideas like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Flipped Classrooms have been created and tested.  There has been mixed opinions on the system, with a recent article about a small study in USA today making waves: The UW is beginning the process of taking a look at how these, and Online Degree Completion programs effect students, faculty, the university as a whole, and what a UW degree means.  If you have any experience with online learning, I’d love to hear your perspectives.  Email me at, or stop by the ASUW Office.


Jeffrey McNerney
ASUW Director of University Affairs

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October is Oct-over!

It’s the end of the first month (or so) of Fall Quarter, but other things are just beginning! Two of the biggest things for my position that have just begun have been the meetings for the Judicial Committee and the Elections Policies & Procedures Advisory Committee.

The Elections Policies & Procedures (EPP) Advisory Committee is a new committee as of this year. It’s an idea I wanted to implement and that I expressed when campaigning for this position, and I am pleased to say that it already has proven to be such a valuable addition. I was able to gather a group of incredibly creative and thoughtful individuals, all who are knowledgeable about the elections process and have had various experiences with it. Even in just our first meeting, we were able to have a lengthy discussion and have since also done outside research of other PAC-12 schools’ models to bring into consideration as well.

The Judicial Committee is a delineated committee of the Board of Directors. It serves to, as the mission statement says, “provide the Board of Directors, Student Senate, and all ASUW members with the impartial advice and interpretation on internal governing documents and issues relevant to the governance of the ASUW.” Given that the task of reviewing and recommending amendments to the EPP is no longer a task for this committee, it provides an opportunity for the committee members to get more acquainted with the ASUW Bylaws and Constitution and to have more experience making recommendations and judgments on items that come through pertaining to those documents. Later on this year, Judicial will still be involved in enforcing the elections rules set forth in the EPP – particularly in Spring Quarter, when the time comes for elections violations hearings. But for now, we have completed an orientation meeting and I am looking forward to seeing the first few items come in for review.

It’s been an exciting beginning, and I can’t wait to continue on to see what these two committees are able to accomplish by the end of this year!

– Evelina Vaisvilaite

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