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October Check-In

Hello again,

This quarter has gotten off to a great start with a ton of amazing programs from all of our entities.  It’s really a testament to how amazing our employees and volunteers are that the year kicked off so strong, and I’m confident it will only get better!  Here is a little about what I have been working on.

Elect Her

This is my big project for the year and something I am incredibly excited for!  The American Association of University Women (AAUW) and Running Start host a program called “Elect Her: Campus Women Win” on select college and university campuses nation wide.  This program is aimed at empowering college women with the resources to run in on-campus elections.  Studies have shown that women who run for positions in college are more likely to get involved with politics, and even run, in local and national elections after graduation, so it is hoped that this political engagement will last a life time.

I coordinated with several on campus groups to apply for the UW to host Elect Her and we were accepted!  I have now started the planning phase of the event, which I’m hoping will take place in January.  Stay tuned for more details, and contact me if you’d like to get involved!

Husky Innovation Project

Last year our Personnel Director, Maxine Sugarman, came to the realization that our skill development opportunities for employees and volunteers were very limited and decided she wanted to address the problem, and so the Husky Innovation Project (HIP) was born.  Together Maxine, Mitchell (our HIP intern) and I began planning and implementing the inaugural year for HIP. We now have a group of 8 employees and 5 volunteers that meet every other week to develop their own skills, as well as locate areas of improvement within the ASUW.  For more information about HIP you can read the article The Daily posted here. 


Those are two of my big updates, here’s a picture of a few of us board members with Dubs at Homecoming!

Ada Waelder
ASUW Vice President


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Welcome Back! (Week 3 Check-in)

Hi huskies,

I am so excited to be your ASUW Director of Policy & Procedures for this year! It’s only the third week of Autumn Quarter but the entire Board has already been working hard (even extending a few weeks back into the summer) to make sure we are hitting the ground running on a lot of our goals and projects.

Here is a bit of an overview of what I’ve done so far:

  • Over the summer, I did my first in-depth reading of the ASUW Bylaws and Constitution, and used that to prepare a guide for what the Board should be aware of starting from our first official meeting.
  • A number of policies were passed by the Board over the course of this summer, and I played a role in helping to review each of them – including the ASUW Financial Policy, Communications Policy, Employee Evaluation Policy, and Volunteer Policy.
  • Created a detailed timeline that outlines important dates for those in my position, and also for the rest of the Board of Directors, to be aware of and reference throughout the year.
  • And last but definitely not least, I’ve been planning and preparing for this year’s Judicial Committee and brand new Elections Policies & Procedures Advisory Committee. I am really excited to start meeting and working with these two committees at the end of this month – if you think you may be interested, you can learn more and apply at these links:


– Evelina Vaisvilaite

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Welcome Back Huskies! (Week 1 – Week 3)

Hi Huskies!

Congratulations on surviving the first three weeks of school! As your ASUW Director of Community Relations, I look forward to meeting you and working together to make a change. This year, as many of my fellow Board members have mentioned, I want to increase collaboration across the organization and the University.

Here is what I have been up to these past three weeks:

  • Husky Leadership Retreat This will take place on November 23. This retreat is sponsored by ASUW for RSO leaders to meet and develop relationships with one another in order to increase collaboration through out the school year. The application will be open very soon!
  • Homecoming Royalty We just closed our Homecoming Royalty Court applications and we received a grand number of applicants. Stay tuned to find out who will be on the 2013 Homecoming Court!
  • Homecoming & W Day Celebration This year we will be working with UW Alumni Association, UW Marketing, UW Athletics and UW Office of Advancement to have a Homecoming & W Day Celebration! It will start at 11 a.m. on October 25. Take part in the Top Dawg Competition that is hosted by ASUW. For further details, please visit

I look forward to this year and if you have any questions or just want to chat about ASUW, please feel free to send me an email at


Shivani Changela

ASUW Director of Community Relations








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Starting off Service and Partnerships!

Hello Everybody!

I’ve had a great time kicking off this school year and this brand new position! It’s been a bit of whirlwind exploring all the various roles of Service and Partnerships, but it will certainly be a fun and busy year.

A big focus of mine thus far has been the Husky Pride Fund. I have established a 7 person committee for the Fund that will meet for the first time next week. We will define the mission, establish grant application criteria, and manage the first distribution of Husky Pride Fund grants! Another key role of this committee is to continue fundraising for the HPF. We are on the verge of restarting our coin collection program and recently finished our awesome brand new t-shirt design. Check it out on the Husky Pride Fund Facebook page at! We will also be facilitating a bigger fundraising push over Winter and Spring Quarter.

Our first ASUW Quarterly Day of Service is coming up in the 6th or 7th week of the Quarter. We have a couple potential partners that we will be working with so keep your ears peeled! We will be working with ROOTS Youth Adult Shelter on February 15th during Winter Quarter. I am also exploring the possibility of doing smaller more frequent service events. If this is something you’re interested in participating in please contact me!

On another note, I hope to see every Husky decked out in purple tomorrow morning for ESPN College GameDay in Red Square! Afterwards, don your all black outfit for the season opening of Duck Hunting at 1pm. Bow down to Washington!


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Swimming Through Channels of Communication

The ASUW is a group of problem solvers. We have resources and capacity to address even the most ambitious of ideas – from freezing tuition to new services and enterprises for students.

That’s why I’m committed to being available for any student that might have a concern. We can best address the concerns of this campus when we are hearing them from students, so we’ll do everything we can to open up the right channels of communication. Here are some examples:

*Follow us on facebook for updates on events, initiatives, and how you can be engaged with them. 

*Send me an e-mail at I will respond in at the most two days, but usually right away! 

*If you’d like to chat in-person with me, I will be tabling outside the HUB on Fridays in October from 130-230. I am also regularly available in the ASUW office (HUB 121). Check for times, and always feel free to stop by whenever. 
*Student Senate is a great place to learn what ASUW is doing and talking about. I, along with many other Directors and our over 100 senators, will be there each Tuesday from 5-7pm in Gowen 301. 

*If you’d like to call our office, you can reach us at (206) 543-1780. 

*Our Board of Directors meetings are open to the public! We’d be happy to have you join us in HUB 303 at 530pm on Thursdays. There is opportunity for public forum at the beginning of our meetings.

Lastly, each of us we will be posting on the Board of Directors blog at least once a month, and it will be a great way to see the projects we are all working on.

Check out this video to see more of what ASUW is all about!


I’m here to make your student experience better and improve it for the Huskies that follow us. Together, we can truly make a difference on this campus. Go Dawgs!

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Back to School!

Welcome back to school Huskies!

I couldn’t be more excited to jump start this coming year as your Director of Programming! Just a little background information, my position plans, organizes, and oversees all events and programs on campus. Some examples include Homecoming (October 25-26), Fall Fling, Spring Show, Every body Everybody Fashion Show, and Rainy Dawg’s Birthday Celebration. I’m looking forward to what my three entities, Arts & Entertainment, Rainy Dawg Radio, and the Student Health Consortium will bring to the table for UW.

This year, as ASUW and within my three entities, we want to emphasize collaboration as a key resource to connect students across campus through events. A good example is Homecoming Weekend, which is in two weeks! This year we are partnering with the UW Alumni Association, UW Marketing, and UW Office of Advancement to have a Homecoming / W Day celebration. For more details, you can click on this link

If you ever have any questions, feel free to send me an email and I am more than happy to get back to you.

Go Dawgs!


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The Importance of Shared Governance

Do you feel like you should have a say in how UW is run?  Most people seem to believe in some sort of input from students, but that frame of mind didn’t always exist in higher education.  Over the last 100 years there’s been a steady, though at times slow, increase in the extent to which students participate in the governance of the University, and now there’s a Student Regent, students presenting budgets, students meeting in Olympia, even students deciding on the appeals for library fines.  From this representation has come stronger student rights, new and better ideas for the University, and a stronger higher education system in the United States.

The student voice has the capacity to do incredible things, but for that voice to be strong, it must be wide and diverse.  It’s simply not enough to have one student talking about issues, or two, or three.  Real change comes when hundreds or thousands of students stand together with clear and unified goals.  ASUW, which has the benefit of institutional shared governance, can facilitate this process by making sure as many students as possible are able to get involved in areas and issues that fit their interests and skill sets.

Whether it’s through Senate, RSOs, or other means, every student should have the opportunity to find a way to make their voice heard.  As the Director of University Affairs, I make many of the appointments to Faculty and University Committees, and I’m always looking for more people to volunteer and sit on these committees!  It’s really a rare opportunity to sit around a table with administrators and distinguished faculty, exploring the issues facing UW, and it’s one of the best ways to enrich your college experience and take advantage of the Washington Way.

If you’re interested, check out!!

-Jeffrey McNerney, Director of University Affairs

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