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First Post of the Year!

Hello everyone!

I am incredibly excited to be diving in to this year.  Though my term officially began in June, and I was working throughout the summer, things are feeling more real now with all of our employees and volunteers back in and out of our offices.  To keep things short and sweet here are a few of the big projects I’ve been working on:

Employee Orientation

My biggest project this summer was working with Maxine (our Personnel Director) and the rest of the board to get 3 days planned to where we trained all of our employees.  I’m incredibly happy with how it all turned out and, from what I have heard, those who attended enjoyed it as well!

Association Philosophies

This year the Board of Directors decided to craft 3 guiding statements that we are hoping to use as a lens through which we can analyze our goals and think critically about our role in the University Community.

  1. Empower those that work for and with the ASUW with the resources to reach their potential and improve student life.
  2. Seek creative opportunities to collaborate with other organizations and ASUW entities.
  3. Focus on serving students not governing them.

Volunteer Policy

As of today we have officially passed a volunteer policy!  I am particularly excited about this because this is the first year in some time that we have had a board member designated to oversee and manage volunteers and leadership development.  As such it was a little unclear what my position was charged with in relation to the Office of Volunteer Opportunities, so my hope is that this policy can help clarify as well as institutionalize the importance of volunteers and best practices surrounding them.


That’s all I have for today, so until next time I’ll leave you with this photo of all of our employees from ASUW Orientation!


Ada Waelder
ASUW Vice President


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