Spring Quarter Final Post

Hi everyone!

I’m sad to say this will be my last post as the ASUW Vice President. Over the last quarter I have been working on various projects. One of my big projects was the ASUW/GPSS Women in Leadership event. This event was dedicated to celebrating the leadership of past female ASUW and GPSS Board of Directors members as well as current board members. Over 20 alumnae were present along with Ana Mari Cauce, the Provost, individuals from the Student Activities Office, HUB staff, UW Advancement and the Alumni Association. During the event the alumnae exchanged stories from when they served and we even had the first and second ASUW female Vice Presidents from 1954 and 1955 present! We look forward to this event growing in the future and are planning on having it again next year.

The next big project I focused on was the Annual Report. I worked with Brandon Himes, the Director of Communications, and members from the Office of Communications such as Enrique Dominguez and Chris Chung. The finished product featured each of our entities and displayed events that happened during the year as well as “quick facts.” The Annual Report is 12 pages long and will soon be featured in PDF on our records page records.asuw.org so look forward to that.

Another big project I had was continuing our fundraising for the Husky Pride Fund. In the beginning of April we had a Husky Pride Fund Yogurtland fundraiser which brought in $150 in three short hours. In addition, we have been continuing to sell the HPF t-shirt in the bookstore where every t-shirt sold, $5 gets donated to the HPF. And our newest development was the HPF change collection drive that is now in the Cultivate Restaurant in Elm Hall. We hope to spread the change collection to other locations over the coming years. Overall, the Husky Pride Fund growing not just in size but in awareness. In the next few years, we aim to have all students know and understand what the Husky Pride Fund is and how it can help enhance the Husky experience here at the University of Washington.

These were my main projects for the quarter among other things such as serving as a liaison to my entities: the Experimental College, the Bike Shop and Off-Campus Housing Affairs. An exciting development in the Experimental College is that we have recently teamed up with Montlake Consulting in the Business School and will be working with them to review the business model of EXCO to see if there is anything we can do to better serve the students. Montlake Consulting will put in upwards of 150 hours over the summer to review EXCO and will present us with recommendations at the end of the summer. We are very excited to see where this will take us and are nothing but hopeful!

Overall, I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing year. It has truly been an honor to serve as your ASUW Vice President this year and I look forward to staying involved as a UW Alumna.


Desiree Hanssen
ASUW Vice President 2012-13

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