End of my Term- Hello Evelina

Hello everyone,

I just want to briefly reflect upon how much of a pleasure it has been to serve you all this past year. It has all gone by so fast, but the impact serving as your Director of Policy and Procedures has had upon me is difficult to express.

From chairing the Taskforce for Board Restructure, to serving as the Chair of the Judicial Committee, to working with the Board to create an Elections Policies and Procedures Advisory Committee, I have never had a dull moment in this position. I couldn’t have tackled these projects without the lovely volunteers who dedicate their time to ASUW, as well as those individuals who care so much about ASUW that they always provided me with either a hearty (and much appreciated) dissent or an incredible support structure. In my four years in ASUW, this community has become a key part of my development as a leader as well as my personal development, and I know that the new leaders and new volunteers are going to keep finding new ways to better the student experience at UW.

I also want to mention how much my three liaison entities have contributed to the joy I have gotten from this position. The Office of Government Relations inspires me with their desire to advocate for students, and their optimism even in the face of daunting obstacles for the improvement of the student experience. The Office of Volunteer Opportunities helps me remember how it feels to come into the ASUW with so many years ahead and so many ideas to implement, and to always remember to respect and support the newcomers to an organization. And last but not least, the Elections Administration Committee reminds me to refuse to settle for the status quo and remember to continue searching for ways to re-imagine the way things are typically approached.

Finally, I want to welcome my successor, Evelina Vaisvilaite. I know she has the passion to uphold the ASUW’s governing documents and ensure transparency is alive and well in the ASUW.

It’s been a great year, and it has been a pleasure serving you,

Kate Callison (officially a real person, in the real world)

About Director of Internal Policy

Hey folks! I am Noe Merfeld, your ASUW Director of Internal Policy for the 2015-2016 academic year! I'm excited for the upcoming year and love working with fellow students! Please email me at asuwbdop@uw.edu if you have any questions.
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