Up, Up, and Away

The quarter may be winding down, but many things are just taking off!

This Friday the Diversity Credit Requirement will return to the Faculty Committee on Academic Standards. The proposal was discussed at the last meeting of FCAS and I am optimistic toward the progress that we will make. Right now I can’t give too many details as few details are still being worked out, but I will make sure to give an update as soon as there as any news.

Next up is the Panels of Progression.  Last year each of the eight diversity commissions worked to create panels detailing the histories of their communities on camps. I am excited to announce that next quarter (Spring) the panels will be on display in several of the Residence Halls on campus. I am working with some great folks at Housing & Food Services on the final details, but I am none the less thrilled to be bringing these non-dominant histories and narratives to a different part of campus.

Thats all for now, but please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions or concerns at asuwbddv@uw.edu

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