February Update!

Fellow Huskies,

Happy Lunar New Year and let us welcome the year of the snake by continually working diligently and I wish you all prosperity and good luck in the future!

Quote of the Week

“At the end of the game, the king and the pawn return to the same box” – by way of Mason Catt

Committee on Student Safety

Committee on Student Safety! Students first, Safety first!

Committee on Student Safety! Students first, Safety first!

Student Safety Survey: Closes March 1st 

The purpose of this survey will be used to gather information on where students and faculty feel unsafe around the U-District area. This information will be sent to UWPD and SPD in order to gather more information on where improvements need to be made. We are at 871 submissions and are looking for 1000. Please spread the word and fill out the survey:


U District Night Walk: March 6th, Wednesday 7pm -8pm

The Committee on Student Safety is partnering with UWPD and SPD to do a safety audit of the campus and north of 45th. All huskies are welcome to join, learn more here!


Stay updated on safety: Please ‘LIKE’ this page 


Best of luck with Finals!

Daniel Nguyen, Director of Community Relations

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