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The Office of Communications has been running at full speed for the past few weeks. The Bodies in Communities events have required a comprehensive marketing plan and strategy that has included having a full day photo and video shoot in the HUB where we had over 80 different student to come in and be models for the show. We shot content for the Husky Pride Fund, The _______ Monologues, the Fashion Show, and the Drag Show as well as the interviews for the Fashion Show promo video (soon to come!) Below are some samples of the work that came out of this day:

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Thank you to everyone who helped make this day come together, including all of the awesome staff of the Office of Communications. Together we took over 600 photos and a wide range of videos. It took skilled photographers, designers, and promoters to successfully utilize this content, and all of the credit goes to Mason Catt, Jeffrey Sitthi, Christopher Chung and Enrique Dominguez – our OComm staff to get it done!

Another exciting announcement is that we now have a new media intern working with us, Benny Tran! We are happy to have him on board and his first project will be working to create the Fashion Show promo video including the video and images shot on the day above.

Other exciting projects that the office of communications will begin to work on soon include; branding for the EAC, posters for the ASC Talent Show, Working on the Housing Brochure for OCHA and creating sustainable logos for the entire Association.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about upcoming events or projects.

-Brandon Himes / ASUW Director of Communications

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