Beyond Diversity: Identity, Community & Difference

For the last several weeks I have been working with the ASUW Joint Commission Committee (JCC), ASUW SARVA, and the Residence Hall Student Association to create a week of programming that highlights diverse programming. For this week we programmed some of the events and choose to highlight others that we felt promoted the values we were looking for.

While each of the diversity commissions exists to serve a specific group of students on campus, we all acknowledge that everyone holds multiple identities. No person is just a man, just person of color, or just queer. We all have many intersecting identity and as the JCC we strive to acknowledge these intersections in our work through programming, education, and advocacy. We chose to call the event beyond diversity because we want to get beyond a word that has become an overused buzz word. JCC wanted to work inspire conversations about what it means when we say diversity, what identities we hold and how those impact our daily life. While the week is already partly over I would encourage all of you to try and attend at least one of the events.

Monday (1/21): Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration Committee presents MLK Day Rally and March
Garfield High School, 400 23rd Ave Seattle at 11am

Tuesday (1/22): Film Screening of Pariah
Alder Hall Commons Auditorium from 7pm-9pm
Alder’s entrance is on NE 40th St. between Brooklyn Ave NE and University Way NE. The auditorium is wheelchair accessible.

Wednesday (1/23): Dinner with the Directors
Tabling at McMahon outside the 8 from 6-7:30pm
McMahon’s main entrance is a wheelchair accessible ramp into the front doors.

Thursday (1/24): Open Mic w/ R.E.T.R.O. & MMC
Parnassus at 7pm
Parnassus, which is located in the basement of the Art building, is wheelchair accessible. Parking lot N3 (located between the Art Building and Mackenzie Hall) is the nearest accessible lot. There will be an all-genders restroom available near the cafe.

Friday (1/25): Panels of Progression – see the history of different communities on campus
All day in the HUB
The HUB’s front entrance is wheelchair accessible. An all-genders restroom can be found above the exhibit, on the 3rd floor (accessible by elevators).

Saturday (1/26): AISC’s Winter Powwow
HUB Ballroom, Grand Entry at 1pm
The HUB’s front entrance is wheelchair accessible. An all-genders restroom can be found on the 3rd floor (accessible by elevators).

All events are free and open to students.

We also ask that you do not wear scented/fragranced products (e.g. perfume, hair products) or essential oils the day of the event in order to make the event accessible to those with chemical injury or multiple chemical sensitivity. We ask that smokers also store their coats/outer clothing that is regularly exposed to smoke outside the event space if possible. We aim for these spaces to be low-moderate scent environments.

For more information about MCS and being fragrance free:

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