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Howdy everyone, the Office of Communications is excited to get back to work this quarter. We have made some improvements to our internal organization systems to best keep us up and keep track of all of the projects we have going on. Here are a couple updates on what has been happening.

Board Restructure: At the last Board of Directors meetings we have discussed different proposals brought by a Board Restructure Task Force. One common denominator in all of these plans would be to have my position, the Director of Communications as a hired ex officio member of the board, similar to the Personnel Director and Finance & Budget Director. The reasoning for this is that this job requires certain technical skills in design work and also it is managing an office of four employees. This kind of position suits best under a hiring process as opposed to an elected one. The position is still valuable to have on the board as it serves as a public relations consultant to the board on decisions that are made, and also in order for this position to best communicate what is happening they need to be involved in conversations at the board table. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please let me know.

Bodies and Communities Planning: There is a lot of hard work being put in by several members of the Association to pull off a week that is being called ‘Bodies and Communities’ that involves many big events the ASUW throws such as the Drag Competition, ______ Monologues, and the Fashion Show. Our graphic designers have been working hard to create imagery and designs for these events. We will be having a photo shoot at the end of next week that will be used in some of our designs.

Media Volunteer: Through the Office of Volunteer opportunities we are going to be looking for a media volunteer to help us manage the large amount of videos and photos we produce. They would work closely with our Multi-Media Coordinator, Jeffrey Sitthi. For more information about this please check out the OVO website, or get in contact with us if you or someone  you know is interested!

Thats all for now, as always like us and follow us!

-Brandon (1/15/13)

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