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Throughout the past few weeks, I have been doing an audit of the Board of Directors, meeting with each member to discuss how their bylaws could be updated to better reflect their responsibilities and the current operation of the Association. During this process, I came to feel that now is an excellent opportunity to really take a good look at the Board, reevaluate how the positions function, and see if we could find ways to serve students more effectively.

The more I talked with students who are passionate about ASUW and knowledgeable of its inner workings, as well as the Board members themselves, about the possibility of restructure, the more I got a sense of enthusiasm for discussing this further. Many Board members and volunteers have come to me with their visions for improving the effectiveness of the Association, and I brought it to the Board this Thursday to see how we could move forward with this energy.

As a Board, we decided the best way to begin exploring this was to form a taskforce to discuss Board Restructure, and I worked with Desiree to pass a Board Bill that officially moved this project forward. The taskforce will have its first meeting after Thanksgiving break, where we will begin discussing other schools’ student government models and looking into models that would make our Board more effective in serving students.

If you have any suggestions on restructure, or would like to know more about the discussions that occur in the taskforce, I encourage you to e-mail me at


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About Director of Internal Policy

Hey folks! I am Noe Merfeld, your ASUW Director of Internal Policy for the 2015-2016 academic year! I'm excited for the upcoming year and love working with fellow students! Please email me at if you have any questions.
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